Aletheia, Bellamy, Bjorn and Frosty

Hearing David Bellamy spout his usual junk on Radio 4 this morning reminded me of a new phrase I’d coined to describe people like him and Bjorn Lomborg, who hope collectively that climate change is a passing fad and can be safely ignored rather than tackled (or refuse to admit it exists at all.)

Google tells me this has never been seen in the wild before. Are you ready? Ready? OK!

Geocaust Denier

Gosh. All my children are beautiful and unique, and I would tousle one’s head as much as another’s; but that one is getting an extra helping of organic vegetables and all its fees paid in advance.

In other news, anyone noticed how many more green leaves are succumbing to frost this year? It’s almost as if the trees didn’t see autumn coming. Probably just a statistical freak, which brings us neatly back to David Bellamy. The circle of life.

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