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It’s in the trees! It’s coming!

It’s, oh, so-many days till Christmas. So why do I feel so seasonal this morning? It’s only a heavy frost, after all. For “seasonal”, you can probably read “nostalgic”. Much of Christmas consists of an industry of nostalgia. Nostalgia is … Continue reading

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It’s the coffee that carries you offee

Sipping a cup of coffee at work today, I tried to work out where I’d tasted that particular blend before. Not blend, but, you know. Version. Format. Genre. It was different from a normal cup like filter is from espresso, … Continue reading

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Cocaine can kill my brain

From Nicholas Lezard’s article on drugs in today’s Guardian: “I would never tell anyone else not to do it unless it was interfering with their mental state,” said one friend, now a psychotherapist, who could not decide what fake name … Continue reading

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Meyer than just Blair

For those who’ve not been following the serialization of Sir Christopher Meyer’s memoir in the Guardian, a snippet: At the White House reception that evening we ran into Michael Flatley, who was at the height of his Riverdance fame. One … Continue reading

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Oh, bloxsocks

I learnt two things about Blosxom today: Hiding something in 2001, then editing it, changes its datestamp to now, and it will appear immediately on the front page. My own filter for separating Spineless Reviews from Small Beds is woefully … Continue reading

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All betts are off

It finally looks there’s a retreat over the bizarre idea of interning innocent people for three months without charge. Although I see they’re playing the Leah Betts card by bringing out the ultimate non-experts: people caught up in the July … Continue reading

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They come not in single spans

Something is rotten in the state of spanners. Yes, you read that correctly. In order to get the three spanners I needed to start maintaining my bike properly, I had to buy three sets of spanners. This was when the … Continue reading

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