Win some, lose some

Odd that Robbie Williams has won his case. Generally people oughtn’t to print unfounded untruths about others, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they can be taken to court for doing it. I thought that one couldn’t be prosecuted under libel laws any more for suggesting someone was gay. I’m sure K. was telling me about a case where an MP tried to do that, but was told that suggestions about a person’s sexual orientation were no longer defamatory. I’m aware that the papers also made allegations that he slept around, and kept it secret; but the crux of his prosecution does seem to be (as his counsel told the court) “Mr Williams is not, and has never been, homosexual.”

I wonder if Robbie himself considers it defamatory to be called gay. If so, has anyone told greater-than-one-tenth of his male fans and greater-than-one-third of his female fans?

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