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Quantity Theory of Insomnia

Since moving out to Witney my sleep patterns have settled down somewhat. Much as I loved living near the railway, the steady chuckle and rumble of roosting trains was clearly a factor in my inability to indulge in the eight … Continue reading

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It’s a cover-up

Regular reader HB has pointed out that other ardent followers of my bemusings and bemoanings needn’t resort to clumsy hand motions to blank out one or other half of Jon Kelly’s face: I’ve thoughtfully provided them with moveable post-it notes … Continue reading

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A game of two halves

Jon Kelly has a palsy that affects precisely half of his face. This is the legacy of him having had a benign tumour removed that was pressing on a facial nerve: with the pressure released, the nerve went into a … Continue reading

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Trust in Allah, but bag up your fertilizer

Yesterday morning was unsettled until about the time when I had to make the decision over whether to cycle or succumb to the temptation of using the moped. At that point, the sky seemed to blink its eyes clear of … Continue reading

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Suzuki, so good-y

I’ve bought my moped, in the end, for those of you that (a) haven’t heard and (b) are hanging on my every item of news. On the excellent recommendations of Infinitarian I eschewed all things not speed-limited, and finally found … Continue reading

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Cool kids go free!

I took a bus recently with one of my more cage-obsessed friends. They were shocked that the return trip from Witney to Oxford cost nearly a fiver (well, £4.60, but that extra 10% or so buys you a whole mouthful … Continue reading

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Reminder to self

On the Small Beds homepage, try clicking on one of those post-it notes (created with one of my own Blosxom plugins) and dragging your mouse. That’s at work. As with most Web 2.0 effects, it’s currently a solution in … Continue reading

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