Teveel koks bederven de brijn

My parents have picked up a number of things from their Dutch mates in Spain, not least DVDs with funny-spelt subtitles and powerful-strong drinking habits. But one of their acquisitions (judging by the language of the original label and prejudging by my knowledge of said friends) is a taste for the sweet-soy sauce “ketjap manis”. You can imagine what it’s like just by reading the ingredients list: zout is mentioned twice, once in the original soy fermentation and once after brewing.

Interestingly, though, a second paper label stuck haphazardly over the bottle (prior to it being sold in Spain, presumably) doesn’t list sal at all. Is that acceptable in Spanish law? If so, what does that say about Spanish dietary habits, given we list everything down to the glycaemic index? And, more worryingly, what if they do the same for monosodium glutamate?

(Answer: my dad will become the size of a house.)

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