Suzuki, so good-y

I’ve bought my moped, in the end, for those of you that (a) haven’t heard and (b) are hanging on my every item of news. On the excellent recommendations of Infinitarian I eschewed all things not speed-limited, and finally found a Suzuki AP50, only 2000 miles, two female owners. I think I was meant to be able to tell their gender from the good state of the bike and the fact that all the manuals etc. still accompanied the log book, but the picture of three cute, starey-eyed cats that was acting as a bookmark in the main manual was the real giveaway.

Until I take some photographs this weekend, this stock image will give you some idea. It’s big, the length of my enormous-framed pedal cycle but much heavier; for its weight it has a very small turning circle and feels very controllable.

After pottering back from Oxford on the country roads last Saturday, I rode it Monday and Tuesday, respectively because everyone expected me to and I needed to get into town at lunchtime. Since then I’ve used my bicycle instead. I can’t believe the number of people who’ve asked me why; K. is avoiding mentioning that fact to her workmates in case something unfortunate happens in their brains.

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