A game of two halves

Jon Kelly has a palsy that affects precisely half of his face. This is the legacy of him having had a benign tumour removed that was pressing on a facial nerve: with the pressure released, the nerve went into a screaming hissy fit, and palsied. The same thing happens to me when I’m on holiday, and far away from the various workloads that keep me moving at a slow, sisyphean pace.

Anyway, along with a funny face he also has a funny blog, well worth reading, given that items bizarre seem to happen to him more often than I have hot dinners, certainly now I’m on a diet. But here’s a game for you to play that should send weird shivers up and down your spine. Look at the picture of him from the Guardian article:

Jon Kelly's face

Now, cover up his face’s left-hand side with your hand. Then cover up the right. In each case, what does the facial expression you can see say to you? No cheating with one of those CDs, now…. Each side seems to have its own completely coherent expression, and they relate to each other not at all. The prole-pleasing optical illusions in the Daily Mail never get as spooky as this.

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