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Goodge in sixty seconds

Far more interesting than the instant crowd-pleaser of the Great Bear is the imagining (and re-imaging) of the London underground in metrics other than that used by the great Henry Beck’s circuit-board diagram. The oohs and ahhs that a geographically … Continue reading

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Wap your wad on the desktop

Attention all purveyors of mobile media: finally, a use for WAP.

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Wormin’ for the man

To complement (in some way I haven’t worked out yet) our office dog, we have an office wormery. I can’t comment on whether the office dog has been wormed recently or not. As it fills up with kitchen scraps you … Continue reading

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Dog bites man, follows lead

A few pages further into the Saturday Guardian than the typically irreverent Ben Goldacre (this week describing alternative therapy’s comical circus of misunderstandings over bird flu as “performance art”) there shrieks a headline: “France detects its first case of bird … Continue reading

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Clwb Tyfty

This morning on Today, as part of some sort of Celtic Fringe-themed spat engineered by the BBC, Alistair Darling pooh-poohed what I think was yr Arglwydd Kinnock’s idea to switch our roads to kilometres. Quoting a figure in all probability … Continue reading

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Mofus your money

Once there was an Oxford band called Mofus. I was in it. We played indie-schmindie and poppy punk. The name was a double misspelling and meant very little indeed. Time passed. Now there’s a Danish band called Mofus. I don’t … Continue reading

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They pick up signals from the cosmos

The principle of the moveable post-it note reaches its apotheosis in cute drag-and-drop RSS aggregator site NetVibes. I realise, incidentally, that I might be the last to arrive at this particular party.

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