Clwb Tyfty

This morning on Today, as part of some sort of Celtic Fringe-themed spat engineered by the BBC, Alistair Darling pooh-poohed what I think was yr Arglwydd Kinnock’s idea to switch our roads to kilometres. Quoting a figure in all probability pulled out from between his cheeks (£700 million) Darling said “I think there are better ways of spending taxpayers’ money.” Suddenly it’s our money again, I notice.

Well, we could certainly avoid a great deal of that expense by following at least some aspects the transport strategy I just came up with. Although we’ll probably have to change all the distance signs (unless we can somehow tow all cities closer to each other), we can keep the numbers on speed limit signs exactly the same, only now they mean kilometres per hour instead. Now there’s a transport initiative I’d vote for.

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