As of something slowly dropping, dropping to the garage floor

I heard a gentle clatter while putting on my moped helmet this morning. I only realized it was my glasses falling off the juddering, up-warming vehicle roughly half a second (brontosaurus tail-to-head time) after stepping on them.

With that in mind, I decided to make sure I wouldn’t fall prey to the same set of circumstances while collecting lunch for the office. I put the glasses on the ground, out of walking reach beyond my rucksack. The helmet went up and over, bending my ears as usual, and I secured it tightly. Picking up my rucksack and swinging it onto my shoulders, I took a step forward to retrieve my glasses, landing on something metallic, pointed yet yielding. I even think I said, to nobody in particular, “Ah.”

They’re all right. I wouldn’t trust them for my driving test, mind. I keep wanting to put my head at a slight angle, as I think the lens axes are now slightly off parallel.

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