Half rabbit, half Tory: all <i>rock</i>

The newest music venue in Witney is at the football ground out to the west, just beyond the Burwell industrial estate. It’s called Ignition, and I went to the opening night last night.

Anyone who remembers IMSoc’s nights at The Coven will be entirely at home in the atmosphere of Ignition. Garishly painted brick walls, a string of indie classics, a vast open space only partly filled… and terrible sound quality, owing to the boom and rattle introduced by somewhere that wasn’t designed with acoustics in mind at all. The bands were decent enough—Laura Lost were punky and fun, and Nuvola weren’t actively bad when they stopped trying to be a less exciting version of The Sundays—but the slots were too long, with a closing time of 1am and it looking more and more like the last band would finish at around that point.

With some better advertising—I had a hard time rediscovering the poster I’d found in order to confirm where it was—and perhaps some adoption by the Oxford Music Conspiracy Fight Club Illuminati—although the last Saturday bus to Oxford leaves the town centre just after midnight—it might have some success. It’s certainly not sustainable based on the crowds it had last night, but: early days…

In the end, even though it was walking distance home, we had to leave before headliners the Half Rabbits began, as I have a driving lesson early this morning. One day I will be able to have unconditional, untimetabled fun. Well, I’ll pencil it in, anyway.

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