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At least it’s memorable

Randomly-generated password for a client to use (rejected during attempt to read out over phone): phuquu.

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Bursting onto the Oxford music scene

The band practice left me with a blister on my little finger; on the smallest knuckle, of all places. I think it came from resting it habitually on my top E-string as I played. With my weird, bendy-backy spatulafingers, it’s … Continue reading

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Tape me; tape me, my friend

Step On Stubby (or Booster Jab Ordeal, or whatever we eventually decide on) had its first recording session today, and it went surprisingly well. Immensely tiring, given that (as we were only recording single takes with all amps and vocals … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get overcharged

There’s never enough time to do the things I have to do, let alone the things I want to do. But it was a shame to miss a 30th birthday party tonight, especially as I haven’t seen my ex-coworkers for … Continue reading

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A little perspective

My glasses finally succumbed to their thousand natural shocks today, one lens smashing entirely after a light rap on, er, the floor. Again. Teetering on the edge of seasonally-precursored despair I cheered myself up by remembering that I have an … Continue reading

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Half rabbit, half Tory: all <i>rock</i>

The newest music venue in Witney is at the football ground out to the west, just beyond the Burwell industrial estate. It’s called Ignition, and I went to the opening night last night. Anyone who remembers IMSoc’s nights at The … Continue reading

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Home is where the core is

The big customer-facing application I’ve spent six months building for one of our clients went live yesterday afternoon. It’s still live, with no errors overnight. The twin servers seem happy with their new load. In fact, the memory usage on … Continue reading

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