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IE, which is to say, a prime e.g.

When Netscape was, by and large, eviscerated by Microsoft using Internet Explorer and thoroughly underhanded anticompetitive tactics, and they released the Mozilla project as some last great hope for peace and decent software, they probably had no idea that IE … Continue reading

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Photograph no evil

The miserable behaviour of Theodore Feder reminded me of one of my experiences this weekend. Aside from him possibly having no legal justification for banning Google from creating works of art in a kind of sort of style a bit … Continue reading

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The long and winding road

This weekend K. and I (plus a storage box hin of someone else’s belongings, then zurück of K’s) made our longest car journey so far: from Witney to Cardiff and back. We decided to use entirely A roads or smaller, … Continue reading

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The Saxon model

What’s going on in Washington DC? And they say the current US government is anti-intellectual and anti-Europe: “The administration’s highest priority over the next seven months is to ward off what now looks like a Democratic victory in the November … Continue reading

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The eyes don’t have it

My most recent optician’s bill had a small deduction, on account of some NHS voucher that the computer system invoked without any explanation. As usual I can’t tell whether it’s because my poor eyesight—diopters 8 and 10, with some cylindricality … Continue reading

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Reason to be cheerful

For those that missed it, or foolishly haven’t even subscribed to the Reverb newsletter, Ed Lark interviewed Ian Dury years ago. Well, in a manner of speaking.

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The club that would have me as a member

Since beginning to use the car, that for so long seemed to my neighbours to be an elaborate way of growing lichen, I’ve clearly joined some sort of conspiracy of drivers: Drives SUV to Squash has started smiling at me … Continue reading

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Nothing to lose but your claims

Dear Stan Labovitch, I’m not sure how, at the same time, mob rule can be both appeased and subverted. Or do you only use “democracy” to refer to rule by mobs from the Home Counties, or their French equivalents? Yours … Continue reading

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Sons set in the west of Oxfordshire

Local hardware store Leigh & Sons is closing, which is apart from anything else a minor human tragedy: 150 years of family-owned business has come to an end. Sympathising with the woman who was working on the till on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Give a car a bad name

Montgolfier Hrududu, that’s what they called it. Him. Her. Well, “Montgolfier Hrududu Kirkcaldy” now or, in a pinch, “Bastard”.

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