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Nothing to lose but your claims

Dear Stan Labovitch, I’m not sure how, at the same time, mob rule can be both appeased and subverted. Or do you only use “democracy” to refer to rule by mobs from the Home Counties, or their French equivalents? Yours … Continue reading

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Sons set in the west of Oxfordshire

Local hardware store Leigh & Sons is closing, which is apart from anything else a minor human tragedy: 150 years of family-owned business has come to an end. Sympathising with the woman who was working on the till on Tuesday, … Continue reading

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Give a car a bad name

Montgolfier Hrududu, that’s what they called it. Him. Her. Well, “Montgolfier Hrududu Kirkcaldy” now or, in a pinch, “Bastard”.

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The road that never ends

With my driving test out of the way I have both a large amount of undirected energy and slightly crazed good intentions—as K. says, it’s the effect of “my house is a squash and a squeeze”, which is almost certainly … Continue reading

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eBay parking

Items I’m bidding on (1-2 of 2 items) Kwik-n-go battery charger Current price £15.99 Postage cost £8.00 Bids 1 Decal & transfer set Current price £4.99 Postage cost £0.60 Bids 1 Items I’m selling (1-3 of 3 items) The Highway … Continue reading

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It still knows how

Sat at my desk, working myself up to a departure from my lunch break and rejoining the flow of the project I’m working on, I found my social faculties temporarily suspended just as the key change arrived on Frank Black’s … Continue reading

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Write on

Stephen Fry once said you could get away with one article like this in your lifetime. This is my second, at least; this is my first. But don’t think I’m treading water: I’m actually practicing autotextualization. Of course, since moving … Continue reading

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