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Moving (in the direction of the) ceremony

We’re now packing. Tomorrow morning we’ll leave for Cardiff, reasonably early as we have to pick up a dress, go to the post office, and see if a prescription has come in before trying to get over the Wye by … Continue reading

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It never rains but it drops off

This morning I found myself with very little that needed dealing with urgently. Well, after I’d rung the chalet company, in Finland, and tried to pay the confusingly bank-detail-free invoice they’d sent through. In order to make good use of … Continue reading

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Bann this rubbish

Almost everyone we’ve asked to do something for our wedding is an idiot. I must exclude rgl and Hat, of course, and indeed most close friends that have lent a hand. But venue organizers, suit-hire shops, caterers: all these people … Continue reading

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Something has just registered

There is a possibility, currently only hinted at by rather tangential symptoms, that the national network of registry offices is approaching a state of systemic failure. Let me explain. Once upon a time I was foolish enough to be a … Continue reading

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Lordi, lordi, lordi

Commentators—well, OK, the newsreaders during Radio 4’s Broadcasting House—have been saying what a surprise it was that Lordi won the Eurovision Song Contest yesterday. Any musicologist who saw the video to Hard Rock Hallelujah would’ve immediately seen evidence of the … Continue reading

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Give a Luddite a pin-board and he’ll pin for life

The following may or may not change the way you plan minor work or home crises. I bear no responsibility for either eventuality. As we approach the date of the wedding we suffer creeping horrors of what K. calls “the … Continue reading

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The filth and the furry!

Not for the first time was I upbraided today by teenage chavs over the length of my hair. Yes, really: I ought to tell my grandad this one, as he loves jokes that remind him of what life was like … Continue reading

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Which antlers when it antleration finds

Before I begin, I can only attempt to placate friends that weren’t invited. The (possibly erroneous) assumption, that only those who were coming to the wedding could be invited to the stag night, whittled down numbers somewhat; not as much … Continue reading

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Deer at half the price

We’ve moved out to the park’s stable block, to make room for new employees in the south hill offices. In some ways it’s a bit like the move to working from home I made at my last place of work—a … Continue reading

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Light entertainment

At the moment, I’ve noticed that (probably as a reaction to all the planning I am required to do for the wedding) I have become somewhat intellectually light, or at any rate I’m no longer turning to writing and organizing … Continue reading

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