Gauss in the machine

As the time left before the wedding begins to be measured in weeks and (gradually) days rather than months, I’ve started to hunker down a little. Well, a lot. Most of my spare-time energies are now directed towards it: organising, project planning, basic design, decision-making and now: Photoshop.

I don’t want to reveal too much, but it’s fair to say that learning how to do a blurred-edge vignette has saved my life, or at any rate prevented my family and a handful of friends from ever knowing what truly dreadful clipart I’m using. Real zebras don’t wear rollerskates, do they? No problem: blur those bastards out! Put ‘em outside the selected area. No problem. But I must remember to leave in the rabbits with the picnic basket, though, or people won’t know it’s summer.

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