What concealer can’t conceal

I realise this might be old news to some of you, but I’ve meant to say for a while: isn’t Anita Roddick a hypocritical, morally withered, money-grabbing disappointment to every woman, feminist and decent human being? As if to augment the vast stores of cash she had already amassed from making her sistahs play feel-good/feel-bad ping-pong with their bodies, she’s gone on to sell her “ethical” chain to a company in which Nestlé has a controlling share, for a consumerist cherry to put on top of that existing, trifling fortune.

Nestlé. Is there any excuse except pure unbridled greed and selfishness for selling your ethical company, and indeed your entire ethical inner workings, to Nestlé? I mean, not including the wrongheadedness of the religious cult she’s dabbled with and actively promoted (to the dismay of organisations like the Cult Information Centre): I already counted that.

K. once worked in one of Roddick’s same-shit-different-skintone boutiques. That means she’s probably better qualified than I am to tell you what an awful, inflexible, employee-unfriendly place it was. But she might have had some sympathy at the time had she known that her ultimate boss, the owner of all the Body Shops, was really a leathery shell stitched round a cold, dead, moral vacuum. We all have our faults, she might have thought, as she pressed the marketing button on the till again to record the gender of the purchaser.

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