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Where the Truck is Charlbury?

Who’s on for the Cornbury Festival this year? Aside from the slightly dadrocked main stage, there’s a second stage which is host to some serious Truck: Goldrush, Fell City Girl and Aberfeldys. There’s plenty of folk on Sunday too, for … Continue reading

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Satirists is people too

Is it any wonder that the humourless inhabitants of the The Daily Kos see Reps under their beds? I was looking mine under yesterday and found David Cameron. Apparently he likes to talk face to shiny, unweathered proto-face with his … Continue reading

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Won’t somebody think?

Zoe Williams has beaten me to it as usual, of course, but I was listening to Claire Curtis-Thomas MP on the radio yesterday and wondering how an argument so devoid of evidence, so unaware of current culture, ethics and morals, … Continue reading

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Hipsters: unite!

Watching how Amazon makes its recommendations is a sport in itself: Working with Texts: A Core Book for Language Analysis (Intertext S.) by Ronald Carter, et al. Recommended because you added The Bloody Chamber and Other Stories to your Shopping … Continue reading

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Drink to me only with thine antlers

Trying to preserve some of the magic of our honeymoon, we’re still having as many drinks of tea as possible from our reindeer mugs. We bought them from a small stall on the Helsinki kauppatori, the non-square market square that … Continue reading

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Got something good to say

One relative bought us a Lotto ticket on the day, as a sort of good-luck charm, horse-shoes being a bit passé these days. It’s churlish to point out that we didn’t get a single number. Besides, the little disappointments are … Continue reading

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It was HTML, once: now it’s ex-HTML

editor has been expressing disdain for XHTML. He can probably take heart from the fact that, ten years ago, someone somewhere was probably saying “why can’t I write webpages in this standard I’ve been using for years (troff/rich-text/postscript/LaTeX/plain text)? Has … Continue reading

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