Giving the bird

I did say I worked within ee-yarking distance of peacocks.

There’s also more prosaic fauna to be found, specifically a tiny gardener’s dog that rattles round whenever we leave the door open. He’s so small that the office dog could eat him in one gulp. But he put up with this pattery little tyke running round and round and round for a few minutes before growling down at it, at which point it lay supine and looked up at the old labrador as if to say “please don’t eat me, Bigger Dog.”

When the office dog had given a resigned sigh the wee scrap of a thing leapt up again and caromed off all the desk and chair legs like a pinball before following a scent outside, back in and, coincidentally, into our dog’s bed. ‘Scuse me, irk, ik, nngh, move over, it went, and they started fighting again.

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