Moped for sale

Since getting a driver’s licence (and car, courtesy of the Hat and brightybot) and a new pedal cycle, I’ve realised there’s no journeys I can envision myself making on my moped, that wouldn’t be safer and more comfortable in the car when safety/comfort is an issue, or healthier and more responsible on my cycle when etc. I will miss dear old Constance—she was very useful during the winter months, if only as reassurance that I could get home in about a quarter of an hour, even if I didn’t pass my test—but it’s clearly time to sell her to someone who can get some use out of her.

With this in mind, if you, or anyone you know, would like a moped, then please feel free to drop me a line at jps at Details below:

moped, seen from side

50cc, K reg (1999)
Two previous owners + me
Only 2400 miles on clock
Serviced in January by registered dealer

Good handling, max. speed around 35-40mph, around 80 miles to the full tank (£4 of petrol).

£600 o.n.o.

(I bought it for £695 from a dealer, and it hasn’t really depreciated over the 400 or so miles I’ve used it, but I appreciate a private sale will need to be for less.)

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