Drink to me only with thine antlers

Trying to preserve some of the magic of our honeymoon, we’re still having as many drinks of tea as possible from our reindeer mugs. We bought them from a small stall on the Helsinki kauppatori, the non-square market square that hugs the bend of the docks where fishing boats still draw up, fresh fish on stinky offer. The mugs are handle-less and roughly thrown, but match our our teapot and Oxfam-random milk jug rather well.

It was a pleasant surprise to be able to Google for the name and company on the speckled, photocopied “business card” included in the wrapping paper, and find that Dragonia has a website. There’s no pictures of the hairy biker who manned their stall, but he might be one of the three Hagmans that run the little firm.

Unbeknownst to us at the time they also have a shop up near the Senaatintori, an exclusive location that seems at odds with the slip of paper I hold in my hands. But on their products page they do indeed have pictures of what we bought, a third of the way down (poromukit, apparently: so definitely “reindeer mugs”). Perhaps all their marketing literature is as hand-crafted as their mugs.

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