Satirists is people too

Is it any wonder that the humourless inhabitants of the The Daily Kos see Reps under their beds? I was looking mine under yesterday and found David Cameron. Apparently he likes to talk face to shiny, unweathered proto-face with his constituents all the time, and what better way to do that than hide in their sheet-baskets, until discovered like some guilty pet that’s been making a hidden nest out of knicker elastic and chewed five-pound notes?

Still, it’s rather odd that so many of these (presumably politically savvy) demizens automatically assume that libertarian fruitcake-of-centre Harry Hutton must be against them, seeing as he… said something satirical and obfuscated about their blog. Frankly, anyone who can’t put up with thirty pages of fawning, ignorant yet supportive comments from the blogosphere is against us: Hutton included, the fucking splitter.

Of course, a reliable way of ridding one’s house of a right-wing infestation is to drive some sort of vehicle through it, preferably a Prius: I can recommend this to anyone from Kos, as a favour for all the lovely retsina I’ve had in my life.

Although, please! before you do decide to smash your house to smithereens, won’t somebody think of the children! Otherwise they’ll be trapped under the wheels and fall prey to the paedophile currently stationed on your street corner. You’ve been warned, so stop moaning and do something.

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