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College to get men, pre-empted

Yesterday both K. and I graduated. And, while we didn’t sit side by side, we were both putatively among the benches reserved for St Hilda’s. Those who have been following the news about Oxford’s only single-sex college (still, just about) … Continue reading

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When your biggest fans know too much Latin

More airing of rather musty sheets, and the contents thereof: My worries have not yet abated Since my stalker suggestively stated: “As I said to my doc’, ‘post hoc, propter hoc’— What follows a thing… is related!”

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Rats with poor co-ordination

A pigeon just flew into the office. It had been picking at the outside paintwork on the windows earlier. I have no idea why it was picking at the paintwork. Maybe it could smell the build-up of dead insects between … Continue reading

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You are now entering Hisbullough-by-Strong-Wolds (formerly Beirut)

Smokewriting attempts to understand the fundamental psychology of Israeli actions which, to most on the sidelines, seem utterly illogical. I was reminded of the attitude elucidated as: This time the Palestinians will understand that we mean business: they didn.t get … Continue reading

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One of those days

Today I have managed to trash my old desktop: an Ubuntu installation crashed, after having rewritten the partition table and thus removed the ISO-image burning software thereon. I’d burn a CD on my laptop, but it’s had to be rebooted … Continue reading

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Up on the roof (while we still have one)

On The Now Show this weekend, Steve Punt mentioned—forgive my hazy memory in the absence of a recording—that “the explosions in that sketch were provided by the Israeli army, but for the sake of balance we should point out that … Continue reading

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Wrong leys under the line

Botley Road has flooded under the railway bridge, as these two pictures will testify:   All traffic from the west is being redirected in along the Woodstock and (unless it’s flooded too) Abingdon Roads. But only by the time it … Continue reading

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Parking up the wrong tree

I think my fundamental problem when trying to engage with the opinions of quite specific lobbies is that I instinctively find people who complain about petrol costs or parking charges beneath contempt. As a starting point this makes for far … Continue reading

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Two out of three ain’t bad

As email and other assorted computer infrastructuriness collapsed about her ears at work, K. asked in a plaintive whine: Why doesn’t anything WORK? I replied: Because any given IT task involves at least three agents: on average, one of them … Continue reading

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From car to carbuncle

Someone was whining about NHS car-park charges being too high this morning. Of course, they mentioned cancer patients: like a cancer patient’s greatest worry is “should I use my car and find a place to park it, or use a … Continue reading

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