There’s a storm a-comin’

For the past three days I’ve kept a keen eye on the thunderstorm predictions that BBC Weather has been providing. Since its 24-hour forecast included this lunchtime, it showed a storm at 13:00 today, abating by 4–7pm, when I usually cycle home. I checked again this morning, and there it was, accompanied by a swivelling-round of the wind direction which confirmed a change in weather patterns. Excellent, I thought: I’ll be in the office all day, and can cycle home in the cool, calm, clear air following the thunder and lightning.

Now I find that the storm has shifted and expanded to cover the whole of late afternoon, straddling any feasible home-time I might choose. From 4pm to 1am, it will rain and rumble, and I now have to nip home at lunchtime and get the car. I say “nip”: after five weeks of comfort-eating, wedding and honeymoon, the cycle to and from work is decidedly more effort than it once was.

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