Wrong leys under the line

Botley Road has flooded under the railway bridge, as these two pictures will testify:

Enormous pool under Botley Road bridge   Reflections of the youth hostel in the new Botley Road lido

All traffic from the west is being redirected in along the Woodstock and (unless it’s flooded too) Abingdon Roads. But only by the time it gets as far as the White House pub: Textured Vegetable Police seem incapable of putting up any sort of signage or indeed information out by the Park and Ride, so there are a lot of people going two miles in, then coming back two miles out again.

You’d think, though, that some three hours after it was closed, the Oxford Bus Company might have got word through to its drivers not to come in that way. But as we were walking westwards under the bridge, there was one of their buses, doing an illegal reverse from a minor to a major road with that trademark OBC braggadocio that always makes you think the driver has actually been “highly trained” in the use of smart cars or Robin Reliants.

Attention, great inventors! What the world needs is some sort of way of communicating between a kind of “head office” (not a literal cranium, of course) and individual buses on the move; but without the need of cumbersome cables, unreliable pigeons or smudge-faced street urchins. Such a “wireless” telegraphy would revolutionise the way that idiots run bus companies, I’m sure. Get to it, boffins!

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