One of those days

Today I have managed to trash my old desktop: an Ubuntu installation crashed, after having rewritten the partition table and thus removed the ISO-image burning software thereon. I’d burn a CD on my laptop, but it’s had to be rebooted over a dozen times already today, on account of what I think I’ve finally diagnosed as a problem with the memory: it’s now limping along with half as much as it had. By the time I had worked out what the problem might have been, it had already taken a partial review of the Cornbury Festival’s music with it, so rgl will have to wait a bit longer for that.

In despair at my lack of technological prowess I turned to the simple task of labelling the back of the printed photographs of our honeymoon: we took a few disposable cameras with us. But the pen I used refused to dry on the backing material, and was still smeary and powdery ten minutes later. It did, however, dry admirably quickly on the front of whatever photograph was put in contact with the back of any labelled images.

I’m going to bed. Can I have my weekend again?

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