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Alone, but not lonely

So, as the loner army of Mark Thomas prepare to descend upon Parliament Square’s mad exclusion zone, each conducting their own, entirely separate and unconnected protest, I want to join all right-thinking bloggers such as Rachel from north London in … Continue reading

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Wheelie: good news?

There’s been a good deal of hoo-hah about space bins from the future found deposited like changelings among the normal bins. Now, I’m normally an advocate of civil liberties, although like anyone who isn’t mad or a fucking moron I … Continue reading

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Everybody needs A303

Hello. We’ve just returned from a weekend near South Cadbury, Somerset’s arguably more convincing answer to Tintagel. More on that, and Glastonbury, and Burnham-on-Sea, later. I’ve got to go hang the tent up to dry.

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All systems no-go

On Friday, full of a hangover, I plain forgot to get the food out of the other office’s fridge to make sandwiches. Supplementing margarine sandwiches with as much junk food as my liver could take, I consoled myself with the … Continue reading

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Cadogan and Chelsea Hotels

A few points of clarification would be judicious, regarding the terminology and vocabulary employed in the recent post on the discovery of dozens of parking permits down my car’s dashboard: The use of the phrase “the nauseating smell of dead … Continue reading

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Ticket to hide

Cleaning Hrududu today, I let K. hack away at the mud on the wheel-arch rims and hubcaps while I concentrated on the more civilized task of spraying the windows with Windowlene (I’ve received an official communication to the effect that … Continue reading

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D’ye ken John Reid?

For those who don’t know, it is worth introducing Reid. A hardened Stalinist with a long term reputation for personal violence, at Stirling Univeristy he was the Communist Party’s “Enforcer”, (in days when the Communist Party ran Stirling University Students’ … Continue reading

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If you are confused, check with the sun

Last Sunday K. and I went to Stonehenge. I started off planning to provide a running commentary on a pootle round the houses: our shared driving instructor swears by this as a way of helping someone to learn to drive. … Continue reading

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It’s always darkest before rain

The rain clouds rolled over Finstock hill just now, The office darkened, very quickly; a cold wind started to blow in through the open door; and monitor screens and overhead lights became relatively bright to the point of eyestrain. This … Continue reading

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Tear her for her bad faculties

This woman is an idiot. She starts off by revealing an ignorance of (or at any rate a lack of appreciation of) hundreds of years of satirical and journalistic tradition in the UK stretching back to Hogarth and beyond. She … Continue reading

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