A good fence makes a good neighbour, if his prices are reasonable

Not wanting to be all Daily Mail about it, but how safe is your building? Who could possibly break into it, without an exact copy of your keys? Someone with the meagre resources and know-how for bump-keying, perhaps:

“… For locks currently on the market this is the end of safety by means of keys… A $10 lock protects just as well as a $100 lock….”

All the examples they give are cylinder locks, where the key is a flat piece of metal with grooves and a profile. I don’t see them breaking any of what I’d call lever locks, where the key is a long round shaft with teeth hanging off it at the end. Probably because of the method employed, which needs the pins to jump off the key blank in a certain way. But given our lever lock managed to break the key last time it jammed, perhaps they’re tougher nuts to crack.

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