The End Is Thlrie

For those who haven’t seen it yet, yon Hutton makes a ridiculous comparison of Blair with Hitler, suggesting Hitler was somehow “better” because he “meant” “well”. I’m with Mr TC Homepage here, who says in elegant prose that he doesn’t “know how [he] can make the case with a straight face.”

Hutton’s face isn’t straight of course, but lopsided, like the cud-chewing leer of a West-Wycombe bumpkin. And equally like one, in his rush to some sort of “grand narrative” of world history, he forgets the opportunities that our current glorious leader provides us with for literary dissent. You might not get away with it near parliament since the balloon went up a few years ago, but Blair’s name at least provides us with the ingenious anagram “Bliar” to adorn our placards. What can you get out of “Hitler”? Well, apart from “Retlih”, “Hilret” and “Thriel”, bugger-all. And those three don’t even make sense in German, which my tame linguists tell me is normally classified a “bastard tongue”.

When Blunkett was still sniffing around like some kind of wrinkly ill-groomed terrier with enormous balls, nobody made a “Brail” joke, I notice. But then, like Blunkett, they didn’t have my vision.

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