All systems no-go

On Friday, full of a hangover, I plain forgot to get the food out of the other office’s fridge to make sandwiches. Supplementing margarine sandwiches with as much junk food as my liver could take, I consoled myself with the fact that I’d be able to enjoy my delicious spreads on the Monday. So it was with some sadness that I greeted the news that the fridge had been unplugged for some reason on Friday night, and not properly plugged back in.

After learning this, I started trying to debug a problem a client was having with automatically-generated Word documents. I didn’t get very far into it, because Microsoft Office seemed to be broken on the machine I normally use. Finally spotting the error I tried to respond to the client’s query on the website we use for tracking this sort of thing: the website database was broken. I tried to replicate the error locally so I could just get on with the business of fixing it, but couldn’t log into our local development copy of the application, because the machine that managed the authentication had switched itself off over the weekend.

Following a bit of banter between the two offices, I finally had all my applications running and was building up to a nice smooth workflow, when I poured my mug of tea all over my keyboard. There are no other USB keyboards in this office, except for an Apple Mac one which has a cable shorter than my arm. My computer is considerably further away from my desk’s top than that. I suppose people did used to sit on the floor, you know, before they invented chairs, and rugs, and all the trappings of the industrial revolution. Life was probably simpler then.

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