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Know your extremist bullies!

John “oh, fuck: not health!” Reid, now in charge of the Home Shambles, has told us all that we mustn’t be “brow-beaten by bullies” (well, he told Muslims, anyway, because they’re weaker people and hence would otherwise go along with … Continue reading

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Taking good care of your

Further to CRB trying to work out how to redress the balance, currently tipped too far in favour of motorists, it’s worth pointing out just one way in which car drivers travelling into Oxford are treated like they have purest … Continue reading

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Technical breakdown

At 1pm-ish on Sunday I bought a wireless router and two PCMCIA cards, one for my elderly laptop and one for K’s newer beast. By six o’clock I had spent two hours setting it all up, in the course of … Continue reading

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Better blood and vomit than white-wine and Cif

Hitchens may be a miserable bastard, and a shadow of his journalistic former self, but by gum: as Hutton implied, now and then he shows that he’s still got balls.

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A drop in the opprobrium

I want to do something. You want to do something. How could you not? Our government sanctions invasions; it sanctions torture; it lies to us, misrepresenting dodgy intelligence to compel us to agree. It makes us live in fear; it … Continue reading

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Stop the rot

The Stop the War meeting on Tuesday night was interesting. Much of what Craig Murray had to say, I had read of before on the web (although I’ll now be buying his book). He explained why the government of gas-rich … Continue reading

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In remembrance of those passed on

Despite my protestations about my own family’s haphazard lifestyle, there’s only so much one can plan ahead, especially when one’s trying to stage a particular atmosphere, to ritualize some event or behaviour. On the Sunday, before coming back to Oxford, … Continue reading

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