Conversation peace #2

A few weeks ago:

<jps> I feel awful
<se> me too
<se> and I’ve had painkillers
<jps> I want to spend the day playing flash games and eating chocolate
<jps> as it is, I’ve got some chocolate
<se> May I refer you to the guidance re use of jabber
<jps> I could have put all this on one line, but then I’d have to use semicolons. Nobody should have to see semicolons in a jabber window except as typos
<jps> how did [your review] go?
<jps> sorry, we’re abusing jabber again
<se> abuser
<se> we’re caught in an abusive jabber relationship
<jps> I see it more as a co-dependency

We had a break at this point, to discuss with our voices the woman who’d been convicted yesterday of giving her kids heroin to keep them quiet.

<se> yeah [the review] went ok –
<se> I have some goals
<jps> (I can give up jabber any time I want)
<jps> I have some of those too
<jps> They all seem to assume there’s no such thing as the [project]
<jps> And I have infinite free time
<se> yeah I had a moan about that too
<jps> about the [project]?
<se> yeah
<se> takes up all of my time
<se> he didn’t seem to notice
<se> that I was not you
<se> so …
<jps> “I have to listen to jps banging on about the damn thing all the time. I never get anything done”
<se> ok that’s much funnier than what I was going to say
<se> you have outclassed me on jabber – I hope you are satisfied

(I’m still making typing noises, but se notices his screen stays blank)

<se> now you’re jabbering somone else
<se> you are your own worst enemy
<jps> I thought we had an open jabber relationship
<jps> I’m polyjaberous

(se collapses with heaving shoulders, and the conversation is terminated prematurely)

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