Murray’s hints

Tonight, 7.30pm, Oxford Town Hall: Craig Murray speaks. The Oxford leg of the “Time to Go” tour stars the man sacked from the civil service for revealing the UK’s complicitness in torture. There’s also an eyewitness from Palestine and a speaker from Lebanon. Not exactly balanced, but then you can’t correct an imbalance by putting the same weight on both sides of the scales. Unless it’s one of those clever puzzles in the back of the Grauniad Weekend magazine, and the scales are owned by this wily merchant with a comedy name. Mustafa Barghin or something.

Gorgeous George was going to be there. K. had got all frothy at the prospect, especially after seeing the great man take down a Sky News presenter on the YoubeTube. But he’s too busy looking more and more like my dad each day, and so it reverted back to the Murrayster.

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