Well, I didn’t vote for them

These Hungarian chappies need to be taught a thing or two. The proles, I mean, not the government. So what if your chief politician does admit in a semi-private meeting to having “lied morning, noon and night?” So what if he then transcribes it to a waiting amoeba who puts it on their blog (I think this is right: subs pls check)? At least he had the guts to confess it. Ours is still keeping shtum on the whole matter, despite being partially responsible for a hundred thousand deaths starting at David Kelly and working downwards through the whole roll-call, and we haven’t stormed the Wood Lane studios in response, have we? British stiff upper lip, phlegmatic aplomb; and in the face of sheer breathtaking bullshitting too. I mean, if there’s one thing that the teachings of our Lord Jesus tells us, then it’s that if we confess to a sin then that at least mitigates its damaging, putrefying effect on our souls. Unless you’re a gay, in which case: shh.

The BBC wouldn’t stand for it, anyway. I notice they haven’t signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty yet. Kid gloves, I say. Economic sanctions. Petitions to the Brothers al-Tzhukl requiring in no uncertain terms a 20% reduction in to-me emissions by the end of the year. Inspectors permitted inside da bungalow by 2008.

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