Technical breakdown

At 1pm-ish on Sunday I bought a wireless router and two PCMCIA cards, one for my elderly laptop and one for K’s newer beast. By six o’clock I had spent two hours setting it all up, in the course of which I found that:

  • K. already had wireless built into her laptop. “Do I?”
  • My machine’s inability to cope with wireless cards has spread to anything that Windows’ Wireless Zero Config might try to take control of.
  • With only half its original memory intact, it takes my computer around five minutes to recover from the ejection of a PCMCIA card.

Three hours later, with connectivity still intermittent and no sign of the BBC website, I gave up in disgust, a row, and a conviction to return the whole bloody shebang to the new Maplin’s in Oxford.

Today I find that much of south-east England was struggling from a major outage in some big-city hotshot interweb firm, and some websites were beyond the reach of any man. Every day truly is a learning experience, and I feel that I, personally, have grown as much today as yesterday. Deep in my heart I know that I will still feel this way once the heavy sedation wears off.

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