Taking good care of your

Further to CRB trying to work out how to redress the balance, currently tipped too far in favour of motorists, it’s worth pointing out just one way in which car drivers travelling into Oxford are treated like they have purest silk and gold thread streaming out of every orifice.

Parking in the Thornhill park and ride is currently free, presumably because of the road resurfacing work—you poor drivers!—being conducted outside it. Seventy-two hours’ of parking in Oxford. For free. This includes security guards watching over your cars, CCTV protection of your belongings, and well-kept public conveniences on site. It might be a portakabin block, but the toilets are clean, hygienic and well stocked with soap and paper. All this for free. I know this because I was boggling at it this weekend when I happily expected to pay to at the very least park there.

Meanwhile, pedestrians in Witney and Woodstock have to pay 10p for the privilege of using the toilet. Is this punishing some sort of bowel-related profligacy that I don’t perceive myself indulging in? Or is it because only car drivers can pull off the silk-and-gold trick that makes it worth catching their excreta in a pan provided free of charge?

(There are ways of playing the system, of course. Personally, I haven’t bought a new toilet roll since moving to the countryside. You city folk don’t understand our ways.)

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