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And shake the foundations from this guy

When something smacks at first glance of out-and-out snobbery, I tend to want to believe there’s something in it. So often genuinely useful suggestions—when did singling out the élite suddenly become a liability, for example?—are dismissed as the opinions of … Continue reading

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I’m willing to believe that, in the sphere of traffic safety alone, and averaged over the whole country, switching to permanent British Summertime or double summertime might well save several hundred lives, mostly of vulnerable road users. I’m also willing … Continue reading

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It's obligatory to mention Loud Howard

Scott Adams, one of the “Friends of Dilberty”, has somehow healed himself of a previously incurable medical condition. Spasms in his throat muscles were preventing him from talking at a normal volume: he could sing, and declaim at a podium, … Continue reading

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Hong Kong, Shanghai… but not Witney

The local branch of HSBC have no record of the appointment we made with the Indian call centre last week. A day wasted for K, an hour or two wasted for me, because HSBC want to save money and don’t … Continue reading

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Trying so hard to do good

A well-meaning environmental organization has some of the best publicity it’s had for ages. At the point of publicizing, it trumpets its email newsletters and gives out its website address. On inspection, the website is broken. The newsletter link leads … Continue reading

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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa

It seems that a slip I made in one of the handover scripts for yesterday’s move may have been responsible for bringing down the Mythic Beasts server that this all runs on. For this, I can only apologise to the … Continue reading

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First post (apart from the previous 697)

This is the first WordPress-powered post on SB+LB. The import seems to have worked well; LiveJournal has had a minor fit over the audacity of permanent redirects but otherwise they seem to be up and running. If anyone with a … Continue reading

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Request For Comments

I’m almost ready to move SB&LB over to WordPress in order to make it more easily extensible, maintainable etc. Much as I’ve had tremendous fun with Blosxom, it’s too hacky and crufty for the poor server to cope with: operations … Continue reading

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The asymmetry of the gearstick

Here’s a thing I noticed while perusing my coin collection last night. You never hear anyone talk about putting their cars in obverse gear, do you? Why is that, hmm? As you were. So shall you be.

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Riot on the radio!

Never mind “How would you like to edit Today?”. How about: would the vast, unlucky majority want to listen to the man on the Clapham Omnibus put together a radio programme, something for which he is utterly unqualified? I thought … Continue reading

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