Past offices

In the face of the impending closure of rural post offices I’d love to support the office/shop I cycle past every morning. Unfortunately, it doesn’t open until after I get to work. I’d go there at lunchtime but it’s closed by one p.m. I’ve had two items I’ve wanted to send registered post in my pocket for a week or so now, and I suppose I’ll just have to wait until I can get to the central one in Witney.

The office in Charlbury, despite being sizeable (the largest in perhaps an eight-mile radius), won’t renew driving licences and I don’t think it does road tax either. It’s a good job that, for learner drivers and those who otherwise can’t travel to Witney under their own steam, Consignia provide a taxi service to the nearest post office that handles their reque- oh, wait, no, they don’t.

When I went to Hoghton to see my parents, we were told that, as K. needed some cash, she could get it from the local post office. How exciting, we thought, and trudged over there—a mile or so—only to find that it would only serve you if you had an account with one half of the banks in the UK: the axis of Barclays that precludes our bank. It was like stepping back into the late 1990s, when you had to pay to use your card in machines that the other half owned, before there were questions asked in parliament that stopped this sort of thing.

So I’d love to support local post offices. Can anyone tell me where to find one that works?

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