Riot on the radio!

Never mind “How would you like to edit Today?”. How about: would the vast, unlucky majority want to listen to the man on the Clapham Omnibus put together a radio programme, something for which he is utterly unqualified?

I thought that this Jowell-engineered anarchization (democratization is a decidedly different process, although they sound the same to idiots) was detrimental enough to the standards of Today when they started signing off the programme with emails that seemed to come from taxi drivers; then John Humphrys started introducing the 8.10 interview with a script written apparently by Melanie Phillips; now we’re likely to have half a whole show of her, or at any rate of someone as ignorant as her. The fact that the webpage mentions David Blunkett’s brief tenure as guest editor and not Thom Yorke’s is rather telling.

Today, in protest (and to aid my blood pressure) I retuned the radio by the bed to Radio 2. The first item Terry Wogan read out was complaining about James Naughtie over on Radio 4. I think that’s a sign.

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