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The hopeful are like ripples on water

Incidentally, and I’m sorry I’ve got this the wrong way round, but it’s entirely owing to bluedevi that I’ve decided to release a short-story collection. Her cute little comic that she kindly sent me a copy of made me (and … Continue reading

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Zoe means life in Greek

Zoe Williams is one of the most talented columnists working for the Guardian, but you’d never believe it from the comments her columns attract. She writes everything with her tongue lodged so far in her cheek that you can’t see … Continue reading

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Free booklet of short stories

As a prelude to the relaunch of short-story website Quiet little Lies (a relaunch which is long overdue), I’m distributing in print a seasonal special for 2006 called: An ideal Christmas gift, this handcrafted pamphlet has been lovingly assembled from … Continue reading

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Obligatory seasonal cash-in

Where do jamjars go at Christmas time?

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The cheek of it

I see Radiohead’s Jon Greenwood has been voted Radio 3’s Listener’s Composer of 2006. About time, I say. That gentleman deserves an award for his bone structure alone. But you have to wonder what Philip Hensher would say about this … Continue reading

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You're only as old as the footwear you feel

I am getting old. Today, I got as far as the other side of the turning circle in our close before realising I had not changed out of my slippers. At least I’d had the presence of mind to change … Continue reading

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Same planet, different Worlds

Suddenly, on the internet, I am old. I first suspected this because there are vast expanses of it—World of Warcraft, Second Life—that I only know about in the same way as I know about television: through the Guardian Guide, perused … Continue reading

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