Dowland art a devourer of links

Those who’ve read my recent post on the eternal battle of populism versus classicism, and how the twain shall ne’er meet, and as a result would like to hear a little Dowland—a mental and emotional leap along the lines of listening to a Radio 4 woman’s hour documentary on gynæcology and thinking: yes, tonight’s the night that I visit that new singles’ bar on George Street—might want to try before they buy Sting’s new compilation. rgl, for one, is scarcely a fan of Mr Sumner.

So if you’re of that particular bent, then hie you to Early Modern Whale’s discussion of Dowland’s duet for one lute. He links to a sample of two Japanese musicians playing that piece. Unfortunately his link to the whole archive is now broken, and broken in a manner of glyphs I find utterly undecipherable. The rest of their site survives, however, and in English.

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2 Responses to Dowland art a devourer of links

  1. argle says:

    The reason you get the hieroglyphic error messages is that the link URL says “idex.html” instead of “index.html” (the confusing thing is that he’s spelt it correctly in the text of the link). This should work:

  2. sbalb says:

    You’re quite right. I’ve told the Whale.

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