An 8ft crater in the middle of the British press

Remember I was sure we’d all notice if there was a subtle takeover of the press? Well, I don’t want to go all shouty-crackers, or I’ll have nobody else to drink with, but in the wake of all the publicity about the conviction of three murderers with foreign names and Borat charged with thinking of mad things have any of you heard about this?

You won’t have done, of course, because hardly a bugger has reported any of it. But, in short:

  • Paul Lusher, Sinclair Maynard and Daniel Taylor “have been jailed for five years each for a racially-motivated nail bomb attack on a block of flats housing Portuguese and Polish workers.”
  • “Edward Mattison, 21, from Salford, was sentenced to only 14 months on October 9, for possessing the “Mother of Satan” chemical used by the July 7th bombers…. Police also found a video showing Mattison setting a bomb in an M60 motorway field which left an 8ft crater.”
  • “In October 3, 2002, white supremacist David Tovey was found guilty of only two charges of racially aggravated criminal damage and explosive charges despite being on the verge of a murderous killing spree of Swindon Muslims.”

I’m yet to be convinced that we have a totally Islamophobic press in this country, given that the Grauniad for one is practically free-Palestine. But they ought to be jumping all over this. Surely it can’t be the case that all of these criminals are either freemasons or related to newspaper owners: there must be some other reason why so few journalists spot these crimes on their radar.

Has anyone ever investigated the pattern of these incidents? What, out of interest, do you think the white equivalent of al-Qaeda would look like? Would it look anything like this: a set of apparently disconnected individuals all pursuing violent, racist crime that appears to have a semicoherent agenda and some odd sources of funding to support, in some instances, the purchase of quite serious hardware? If such an organisation exists, why are the arrests of its members practically civilized alongside the thuggery and police stupidity of the Forest-Gate or Imaginary-Ricin lunacies?

What is causing this massive societal lacuna? Why are these people being relatively undersentenced? Why do so few people report these incidents, and practically no mainstream reporters follow them up? In short: what the hell is going on?

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3 Responses to An 8ft crater in the middle of the British press

  1. HTFB says:

    Do look at the reader comments to the Sun’s coverage of Lusher et al. It will fill your little heart with joy.

  2. sbalb says:

    Nnnnnng. You swine.

  3. K says:

    You’re scarily spot-on about the under-reported crimes you list, but Kriss Donald’s murder still deserved all the publicity it got. Partly because it was such a horrendous crime, partly because it’s shining a spotlight on a gang world nobody outside the area had a clue about and partly because it’s the first conviction for racially motivated murder in Scotland.

    As for the under-reported white race hate crimes, I have two theories:

    1) If you admit that white British people are planning bomb attacks here, you shift from a cosy them-against-us story (Blitz spirit, Spam fritters, ID cards for your own good) to a story about civil war in our own country.

    2) Perhaps killing sprees are what’s meant by “expressions of community ownership”. For all you know, they’re getting Lottery funding.

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