Same planet, different Worlds

Suddenly, on the internet, I am old. I first suspected this because there are vast expanses of it—World of Warcraft, Second Life—that I only know about in the same way as I know about television: through the Guardian Guide, perused with a rather ennui-laden policy of disengagement. Now, though, I realise that some suburbs of the internet don’t merely have no interest to me, but I couldn’t understand them even if I was an inhabitant.

Is this a carefully constructed parody? If not, then what the hell is going on? And, moreover, where are my shoes? Nurse!

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2 Responses to Same planet, different Worlds

  1. argle says:

    It’s not got much to do with age… I know two people who play WoW: one of them is an anaesthetist of our mutual acquaintance (aged 30), and one of them is my stepmother’s son (aged 9, IIRC).

  2. hatmandu says:

    On the internet, no one know you’re a doggone pensioner.

    Though I’ve been having much the same epiphany, iphepiphitbe. For all my enthusiasm for new tech, and constant scouring of ‘Web 2.0’ info, there’s great swathes of it all that I know little about and care for less. Pass my slippers.

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