Free booklet of short stories

As a prelude to the relaunch of short-story website Quiet little Lies (a relaunch which is long overdue), I’m distributing in print a seasonal special for 2006 called:

A Pocketful of Lies

An ideal Christmas gift, this handcrafted pamphlet has been lovingly assembled from a dozen complex, thoughtful tales that will vex and puzzle relatives or friends of any stripe! Following your Christmas meal, contemplate what lies beneath the surface of each sinister, questioning story, and thank the stars that your family is indeed relatively well-adjusted after all.

It’s free. Just give me your postal address, either via email or via that website (website preferred). I’ll try to get it to you before Christmas, but it’s not even all assembled yet.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone who you think might be interested. I’d love to get some word-of-mouth interest, although whether I’ll keep up with the demands of the photocopier or not is another matter.

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