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As one door closes, another trap-door opens

I’ve returned from my Christmas to find that they’ve finally strung up the Saddamster: not quite the surprise seasonal present I was after, to be honest, unless they actually hanged him with tinsel, of course. I’m not quite up to … Continue reading

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Generic 2006 seasonal-greetings post

Christmas has crept up on me this year, a surprise I was hoping I’d anticipated. But despite my best efforts I’ve left myself with too much to do before heading off to the in-laws early tomorrow morning. So now I … Continue reading

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When you wish upon your heart

Looby asks in comments what I want out of 2007. Currently, provisionally, tentatively: lots of things. But not all of them are fully formed enough to discuss yet. Last year K. and I spent much of an early January day … Continue reading

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I do have a wooden heart

Two trees. The first is the rowan tree on the route we normally take between home and the town centre. There’s a small “T” of lawn in the middle of the houses, with an uprooted “no ball games” sign in … Continue reading

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Fortitude is the marshal of thought

This week I bought a copy of Fortean Times, after Infinitarian drew attention to it in a discussion about something else. I didn’t have very high expectations of the quality of reportage in it, to be honest: the pseudonymous television … Continue reading

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Woman sleeping, man typing

Sudden early-morning wakefulness drove me out of bed just now. I don’t know where it came from: sometimes these fits feel like a ripple has passed over me, that only I (and maybe others, he said in a brief flicker … Continue reading

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Christmas-spine, mistletoe and wine

Over on Spineless Reviews, five great books from the site’s 2006 output. Go scour your local charity shops for your relatives’ presents now.

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