Sheeple who need sheeple

Possibly as some sort of test of Amazon Mechanical Turk, designer Aaron Koblin commissioned 10,000 drawings of sheep for The Sheep Market. Actually, it’s probably really some sort of conceptual-art thing: as a work of art it needs no explanation or justification; and as a work of its genre of course has both in spades. A two-megabyte Word document (that goes all crazy in OpenOffice) is available, with stock images, double line spacing, and a laborious explanation of marxism, the history of wool, and the Mechanical Turk, for people who can’t use Google.

This is all beside the point, however. My real worry is that, if you navigate the Flash interface of the Sheep Market (almost all of which could be ably and accessibly done in HTML with Javascript hooks), you’ll discover a rather damning indictment of the artistic abilities of today’s youth:

Rejected sheep: 662

That’s a failure rate of around 7%. When you consider how truly bad some of the sheep on the Market are, then it makes you wonder exactly what caused those particular animals to fail quality control. The interest for me lies in that small fraction of the truly extreme ovine. I wonder if they have long tails?

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2 Responses to Sheeple who need sheeple

  1. argle says:

    It’s Matthew 25:31-46, the Web 2.0 version! Christ as a Flash applet!

  2. sbalb says:

    Is that some obscure curse I’ve not heard of, like “Christ on a bike”?

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