Been there, McSween that

McSweeney’s is still going. Cripes. And it looks exactly the same as it did about five years ago. Dave Eggers probably has a screenshot of an blisteringly now version of the site, with rounded corners, AJAX goodies and all whizzes and bangs, on display in his attic. Never switch that monitor off, Dave!

It still smells and tastes the same, too. After a while too much McSweeney’s makes you feel like you’re trapped in a McSweeney’s-built random McSweeney’s article generator with no hope of escape. But hatmandu and vigornian might like Cities from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities or Unique Baby Names From, and there’s a kind of arch, raised-eyebrow smirk to be had from Poems That Were Considered and Rejected Before ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas was established as “The Official American Christmas Poem.”

(See? Those long titles: they’re so… McSweeney’s. Time for a special edition of McSweeney’s Lists, I think.)

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