When you wish upon your heart

Looby asks in comments what I want out of 2007. Currently, provisionally, tentatively: lots of things. But not all of them are fully formed enough to discuss yet.

Last year K. and I spent much of an early January day sat in a coffee shop on the seafront at my parents’ place in Spain. We defied the chilly, seasonal weather to sip powerful cafe con leche after cafe con leche, our intake punctuated by orange juice when our stomachs could take no more.

As we shivered and drank, we made a plan of everything we wanted to accomplish this year: God knows we needed it, looking back at the wedding. Most importantly, we worked out what immediate steps we needed to take to make it all happen: next few days; back in Blighty; next month; next three months. It worked. I haven’t looked back at the list but I’m sure we accomplished seventy to eighty percent of it, and deliberately shelved another ten percent (the ill-fated band). We’ll probably do the same this year, although whether we can find a cafe in Cardiff that isn’t full of sales shoppers is another matter.

I suppose, in roundabout response to looby, that the priorities are: to revamp QlL, or at any rate make the work-in-progress revamp live; to look into starting a samizdat network or some sort of local review; to work towards publishing something else in October, regardless; to learn Python or Ruby, properly; and to spend all the time remaining with K, baking bread and reading the LRB. The last item looks the least important, but that’s deceptive.

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