As one door closes, another trap-door opens

I’ve returned from my Christmas to find that they’ve finally strung up the Saddamster: not quite the surprise seasonal present I was after, to be honest, unless they actually hanged him with tinsel, of course. I’m not quite up to seeing any YouTube of the event’s pre- or post-ambles.

Plenty of web denizens have already beaten me to the standard analysis of events—I’ve been busy today, you seeßžand in taking turns to both disclaim any love for the ex-dictator and also to point out how dismal his execution, via a show trial conducted by an anti-judicial imperial régime disliked by most of Saddam’s ex-subjects, with a rushed appeals process, etc. etc. etc. webofevil provides a decent footnote to it all, pointing out the current US administration’s insatiable desire to create heroic narratives and the stark contrast between their plans and reality.

We’ll never get to the bottom of the Anfal massacres now, sadly. Curious that, especially given suggestions that we sold the Iraqis the very means employed in the 1988 genocide. Someone might think that… no, surely not. Anyway, all we need to do now is to tacitly acknowledge a debt of justice towards the Kurds which will require some sort of future political recompense. I can’t see any situation in the Middle East, or indeed the world, where a similar tangle of debt and counter-debt has caused any problems at all.

2007 is clearly going to need a bit more effort than I’d first thought. Heave to, lads.

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