Reidin, reekin and clatty bamstick

Following on from the Safety Elephant, I give you: Reid-the-baw.

Those who are neither Trainspotting fans nor members of the quaint Celtic fringe (pace CRB) might need a bit of a primer on Glaswegian slang: suffice it to say it suits Dr Ken John Reid down to his ugly, war-criminal-loving Rockies. You saw it here first.

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3 Responses to Reidin, reekin and clatty bamstick

  1. argle says:

    You’ve put double-quotes (“bar”) inside a string which ends up in a double-quoted attribute value. Firefox seems to accept that without complaint but it plays havoc with the LJ feed.

  2. argle says:

    “baw”, even

  3. sbalb says:

    I’ve done nothing: WordPress can’t escape characters in HTML attributes consistently. Should be fixed now.

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